Marian Zidaru

Date of Birth:
August 22nd, 1956, Balotesti, Ilfov

1977 - 1981: Craiova Arts Highschool;
1981- 1985 National University of Arts, Bucharest, class of Professor Vladmir Predescu;
1991-1995 Assistant professor, Sculpture department, National University of Arts, Bucharest;
1987-1990 Works on the Imperial Gate monument, Hunedoara.

Personal Exhibitions:
2011 - "Glories", Ateneo Veneto, Venice
2011 - "Open studio", studio from Franz Jurgens Strasse 3, Dusseldorf, Germany
2011 - "Living and working in Dusseldorf", Simeza Gallery, Bucharest
2011 - "Living and working in Dusseldorf", Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest
2010 - "Back to Art", Dancona-Budis Gallery, Bucharest
2010 - "Flower's Dictatorship", Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest
2009 - "Lords", Caminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest
2008 - "Seasons of the Angels", Embassy of the Arts, Bucharest
2008 - "Infantilis", Caminul Artei Galleries, Bucharest
2007 - "Seasons of Angels", Gallery Ho, Seoul, Korea
2004 - "ANO "Timpurile" [The Four Seasons], Anaid Art Gallery, Bucharest
2000 - "Restoration of the Roman Empire", Orizont Galleries, Bucharest
2000 - "The Angels" Ladder", The Romanian Cultural Center, New York, USA
2000 - "The Angels" Ladder", Gallery 49, New York, USA
1998 - "The Fire", The National Museum of Art of Romania, Contemporary Art Section
1998 - "Sign", Retrospective, Romanian Parliament Palace, Bucharest, Romania
1996 - 1997 - "A Christmas Story", Peles Castle, Sinaia
1996 - "Experiment", Soros Centre for Contemporary Art, 3/4 Floor Gallery
1994 - 1995 - "The Theme", The National Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest
1994 - "Glory of New Jerusalem", Art Museum, Bacau; Art Museum Cluj;
Art Gallery, Timisoara
1994 - Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany
1993 - 1994 " "Glory of New Jerusalem", 3/4 Floor Gallery, Bucharest
1993 - "The New Jerusalem", Ublacker - Hausl Gallery, Munich, Germany
1993 - "Kulturreferat Exhibition", atelier, Feldafing, Germany
1992-1993 - "Unsealing", The Gallery of the Ion Mincu Architecture Institute, Bucharest
1992 - "Annunciation of New Jerusalem", Simeza Gallery, Bucharest
1985 - "Blood-stained Christmas", The Village Museum, Bucharest
1983 - "Personal Exhibiton", Atelier 35 Gallery, Bucharest

International Participation
2011 - "Bukarest - Dusseldorf", Gherhart Hauptmann Haus, Dusseldorf, Germany
2011 - "Beckante Flugobjeckte", Meinersen, Germany
2011 - "Gucken wir Mal", "Atelier am Eck", Dusseldorf, Germany
2010 - "Gucken wir Mal", The Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest
2010 - "L'ecahalier - Pirleazul", Cloitre des Billetes", Paris
2009 - "Mitologie Soggetive" - Centro Espositivo Rocca Paolina, Perugia (group exhibition)
2009 " 2R Art Gallery, London, UK (group exhibition)
2009 " "Man and Work" Gallery-Office, Starmetz Partner, Bucharest " Vienna - Frankfurt;
2008 " Collaborates with New River Fine Art Gallery, Florida, USA, for three projects of monumental art
2008 - Biennale of Architecture - Romanian pavilion - Venice
2007 - "Etno -Art", ICR Paris, France
2007 - "Seasons of the Angels" - HO Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2007 - "The Prodigal Son", Lutheran University Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
2004 - "Art of the Balkans", Thessaloniki, Greece
1998 - "Zeitgenossiche rumanische Kunst -Untergrund Messhale", Leipzig, Germany
1997 - "Bucharest nach '89 " Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany
1995 - "La Biennale di Venetia ", Romanian Pavillon, Venice, Italy
1994 - "Europe ' 94", Munich, Germany
1993 - "Byzantium after Byzantium", Instituto Romena di Cultura, Venice, Italy
1992 - "Exposicion Universales ", Sevilla ' 92, Spain
1991 - "Sao Paolo Biennale", Sao Paolo, Brasil
1990 - "Une Soiree a Paris", Paris, France
1990 - "Holzschnitt" [Romanian Wood Sculpture], Munich, Germany

2011 - 2 months residency offered by Kulturampt, Dusseldorf, Germany
2004 " Nominated for "Ion Andreescu" prize, awarded by the Romanian Academy
1995 - The Annual "Ionel Jianu" Distinction, American -Romanian Academy, US
1994 - Study Stipend, Ludwig -Forum, Aachen, Germany
1993 - Study Stipend, Kulturreferat, Munchen, Germany
1990 - Creation Stipend, Romanian Artists Union
1987 - Young Artists Prize, Romanian Artists Union
1985 - Second Prize at the 7th Drawing Biennal, Cleveland, England
1984 - Study Stipend, offered by Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Italy
1984 - Atelier 35 Prize
1982 - Creation Stipend of the Romanian Artists Union

Marian Zidaru (1956) s-a impus atentiei in 1985, cu una dintre cele mai revelatoare expozitii optzeciste, Craciun insingerat, o premonitie a dramaticei transfigurari sociale prin sacrificiu, din 1989. Sculptura sa cu teme apocaliptice, vizionare, e realizata preponderent in lemn cioplit cu intensitate, taiat, tocat, crapat, gaurit, contorsionat, prada unei executii violente si totodata rafinate, in care sublimeaza un erotism polimorf, ce moduleaza maniheismul mesajului.
Consecvent cu revelatia avuta in anii 80, la inceputul anilor 90 Zidaru a devenit purtatorul de cuvint și de imagine al unei grupari reformiste radicale din sinul bisericii ortodoxe naționale. Marian Zidaru a sculptat social comunitatea din jurul sau. A realizat biserici, minastiri, case, haine, mobilier, instrumente, evenimente, filme și carți pentru aceasta comunitate. Pentru Zidaru, opera e arta de a trai asumat, radical, in vederea modificarii spirituale a celor din jur. Expus din 1991 la Bienala de la Sao Paolo, Zidaru a fost promovat in 1994, la Ludwig Forum din Aachen, de catre Wolfgang Becker. In 2008 expune la Bienala de Arhitectura de la Veneția, iar in 2011 monteaza o ampla instalație la Ateneo Veneto, Veneția. In același an este publicata o consistenta monografie Zidaru, la editura Klartext, Essen.

Erwin Kessler

Marian Zidaru (born 1956) has come to the public`s attention for the first time in 1985 with one of the most impactful exhibitions of the decade, Craciun Insangerat (Bloody Christmas), an artistic profecy of the dramatic social transfiguration that was possible through the sacrifice of 1989 (the Romanian Revolution). His visionary-apocaliptic sculptural dialogue speaks mostly through the carving of wood; the wood is submitted to cutting, mincing, cleaving, breaking, piercing, contorting, it falls victim to the violence of reshaping, the refined violence of polimorphic eroticism which makes its manichean message surface. In the 90s the artist remains consistent with the revelation from the previous decade and becomes the frontman of a reform group in the very heart of the Romanian National Orthodox Church.
Marian Zidaru sculpts the community around him. He is the author of churches, monasteries, houses, clothing, furniture, instruments, events, films and literature for this community. For Zidaru the artist, the work is the art of living responsibly and radically - everything is put at work for the spiritual elevation for the others. His work has been exhibited in 1991 at the Sao Paolo Biennale, and in 1994 at Ludwig Forum of Aachen with the help of Wolfgang Becker. In 2008 his works are present at the Architecture Biennale in Venice, and in 2011 he creates an installation at Ateneo Veneto. In the same year a monography of the artist is published by Klartext Publishing in Essen.

Erwin Kessler.